Some would have you believe that chiropractors are just for people with a bad back, but they can help with so much more.

  • An infant who is suffering from colic, torticollis (wry neck), ear infections, acid reflux and other common ailments may find relief from a chiropractic adjustment.
  • Those who have mild to severe sports injuries can receive relief.
  • Auto or work-related injuries from strains to whiplash, carpel tunnel to stress headaches, stiffness to immobility – all can benefit.
  • Someone who is older may think their only recourse to aging is a cane, but many find that with some adjustments and exercise they regain their balance!

Treatment room at Fellows Chiropractic

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been proven in clinical studies and trials to have many beneficial effects. Lasers help stimulate blood flow, improve oxygen levels in damaged tissue and help to block pain transmissions. These benefits help injuries to heal quicker, with less pain and less scaring. Lasers can even be used to assist in acupuncture and improve immunity responses.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of lasers. Please feel free to give us a call, or come visit us to learn how laser therapy may be able to help you.

Laser Therapy

Professional Massage Therapy

Relax and take your pick from our favorite massage modalities: deep or soft tissue, cranial sacral, foot zoning, and more. Give us a call to see when your favorite licensed professional massage therapist is available – a massage session may be scheduled for half an hour to two hours of relaxing benefit for your whole body.

There are countless benefits from massage, some apply to specific forms, but all have been shown to aid with stress, improve circulation, assist in pain management, eliminate toxins, increase immune system function and enhance sleep.

Professional Massage Therapy

Natural Health Products

Have you ever used an ace bandage? You wind and roll, it takes forever to figure out how to wrap your shoulder or you wrapped your ankle and now you can’t get your shoe on because of the bandage. It is just frustrating! Then it’s time to shower and you have to remove it and start all over again. Rock tape eliminates the stress! You apply it on and around the injured area, protecting the muscles and joints just as the ace bandage does, but you put it on easily and it stays on for days – providing constant, even strength, allowing the body to heal and repair more quickly.

Dr. Fellows also offers traction therapy, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS, NMES, E-Stim or TENS), back belts, and Standard Process nutritional supplements.

Some of our natural health products


Sometimes a little more information is needed. Maybe there is reason to suspect a hairline fracture or spinal degeneration or deformity. Perhaps you have been in an accident and x-rays are required by insurance. We provide in-house x-rays at a fraction of the cost of the hospital but accept the same insurance they do!

We provide X-Rays

Athletic Training

We contract with Amy Hawkins, a certified athletic trainer, who specializes in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

A certified athletic trainer can assist you in meeting your training and wellness goals. In addition, athletic training focusing on posture and body movements help relive pain is complimentary to a client's chiropractic care.

Don't let pain and injuries hold you back. Whether you want to be able to do your home chores with ease or get back the sports you enjoy, an athletic trainer can help.

Athletic Training